Committee Membership 2016-17

Discipline & Grievance Committee

The members of the committee will be available to sit on the Discipline/Grievance & Appeal Sub-Committees to hear disciplinaries/grievances as required.  Each sub-committee will consist of 3 members with the  first hearing being chaired by the Vice Chairman and any appeal hearing to be chaired by the Chairman.  The other members will be selected alphabetically by the last letter of their surname.  The sub-committees have full delegated authority to deal with each case, as and when it occurs. 



Cllr Richard Burton (Chairman), Cllr Raymond Franks (Vice Chairman), Cllrs Bill Armer, Steve Beresford, Peter Cunnington, Keiron Dunn, Bernard McGuin, Jimmy Paxton, Phil Scott and John Taylor.

Grants & Community Projects Committee      

The Committee considers the grant applications for the following grant schemes: small annual grants, community project grants, defibrillator grants, environment grants and start-up grants.  It also manages the Council's projects such as the allotment competitions and the dog fouling project.  The Chairman will be elected at the next committee meeting.

Membership: Cllr John Cowan (Chairman) Cllrs Homma Abid, Bill Armer, Raymond Bray, Pamela Brook, Richard Burton,  Raymond Franks, Lin Holroyd, Pauline McGleenan and Maureen Sykes.

Land and Property Committee    

The Committee oversees the risks associated with all responsibilities and activities of the Parish Council.  It reviews the schedule of risks and all inspection reports submitted by the contractor covering areas where the Parish Council has responsibility, and makes risk assessment inspections when required. It also deals with all issues relating to the allotment gardens, Kirkheaton Churchyard and public seats. 

Membership: Cllr Bill Armer (Chairman) Cllrs Maria Ackroyd, Steve Beresford, Ray Bray, Pamela Brook, Richard Burton, John Cowan, Peter Cunnington, Raymond Franks and Bernard McGuin.

Library Committee

The Committee is charged with completing all the work necessary for the asset transfer for the Kirkburton library building, meeting with Kirklees Councillors, Kirklees Officers and professional advisors, as appropriate.  It will draft an agreement in negotiation with Kirklees Council setting out the protocols and bring available options to full Council for agreement.  It will support the provision of library services throughout the parish area. 

The Chairman will be elected at the first committee meeting of the Council year.

Membership: Cllr Bill Armer (Chairman) Cllrs Maria Ackroyd, Robert Barraclough, Pamela Brook, Richard Burton, John Cowan, Raymond Franks, Bernard McGuin, Maureen Sykes and John Taylor.

Management & Finance Committee

The Committee deals with all issues connected with the running of the Council and matters with financial implications.  It manages & prioritises the various projects with which the Council is involved and has delegated authority to take decisions on staffing hours in excess of core hours needed to enable projects to be completed or to deal with exceptional issues.  It also considers funding applications from community groups whose buildings host library services.

Membership: Cllrs Bill Armer, Ray Bray, Steve Beresford, Pamela Brook, Richard Burton, John Cowan, Keiron Dunn, Raymond Franks, Lin Holroyd, Bernard McGuin, Maureen Sykes, and John Taylor.

Staffing Committee     

The Committee deals with HR issues and acts as a two-way forum to encourage communication between the staff and the Council on matters of administration.  The Committee has delegated authority to make all decisions relating to staff and their employment, excepting recruitment, termination, resignation and decisions in excess of core hours. 

Membership: Cllrs Steve Beresford, Pamela Brook, Richard Burton, Raymond Franks, Lin Holroyd and John Taylor.

Each Committee has its own Chairman, who will be elected at the first meeting in the Council year.

Meetings are arranged as and when they are required - please see the Meetings Page  for the latest schedule.